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Q? 1 – How come James is free?

A. It’s very simple. JAMES AND YOU is a no fee and no commitment service for his customers. He is remunerated by his affiliated partners.

Q? 2 – Will my service be more expensive if I call James?

A. No! The providers who have been selected by James are bound by a Quality Charter and are contractually committed to not increase their prices when the estimate is signed.

Q? 3 – Why should I hire James?

A. Calling James means saving time and not having to worry about anything. He does all the research for you and finds the right provider who meets all your needs. And, it’s FREE!

Q? 4 – What is James’ s scope of activity?

A. An extensive work that took place during James’s early stages allowed him to gather valuable providers with great rates and from a wide range of competences. If your request does not take part in James’s services, it is with pleasure that he will carry out the research for you and with full transparency that he will let you know its feasibility. You will never end up without answers!